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The world’s ex-largest mind map?

Last November, Lee Xian Jie claimed that they have made the world’s largest mind map in Singapore. They did a good job. Here I want to show you the largest mind map in China – or the (ex) largest mind map in the world 😉 It was made in Shanghai, China, November 2006, it’s been over one year since then, I think it’s still worthwhile to mention it again, since as far as I know no one has mentioned it in the English world – I should have done it, I didn’t have a English blog at that time though 🙂

It was coordinated by one of my friends called Qu zhinan who is known as the most famous mind mapping blogger and evangelist in China, check the photos bellow. You won’t find me in the photos, I did not participate in that event because I was putting all my effort with my team in developing MindVisualizer. However, I will not miss the next similar, but bigger event he is planning this year, which the mind map will be 2008 (we are holding the Olympic Games in Beijing) square metters large!

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you that the main topic of the map is “A History of Chinese Civilization”.

Year 2006-the largest mind map in the world part 1

Year 2006-the largest mind map in the world part 2

How mind mapping can clarify your thinking when designing software

A mind maping survey conducted by Chuck Frey shows that the top single benefit of mind mapping software is clarify one’s thinking, I did not participat in that survey but I absolutely second that conclusion. Have a look at the mind map below, recently when I was thinking of how to implement the new drag-and-drag feature for our mind mapping software – MindVisualizer, I had a great experience of getting my thoughts clarified completely!

With the visualization of the ideas, the map is essentially the guide for programming and a design document of this feature, we can also use the map to communicate with end users for feedback, we can even use it as a draft of the help doucment by exporting to Microsoft Word, a RTF file or a text file.

If you are a software designer, try to take advantage of mind mapping approach today! You’ll get the most of it only when you actually use it but not when you are reading the example here.

A mind map shows how MindVisualizer handles drag and drop from external applications