Monthly Archives: June 2008

Listen to customers is an essential habit for software developers

I wrote an article about the text 2 mind map feature in MindVisualizer few days ago, by coincidence one of our prospects contacted us yesterday and suggested allowing directly import a text file from disk will be better, because you’ll don’t have to drag & drop or copy & paste. That’s good idea and today we quickly added a new item under the File menu and released the new version to our internal area for testing.

The end users of a software usually think in different ways from the software developer, as a software developer you might ignore something that is simple technically but important for your customers to save their time in their daily work. So listen to customers is a must-have “habit” I think, especially for software vendors competing with other already well-established big names and well-known freewares.

Today we also solved an compatibility issue? with Windows Vista, you’ll no more seeing any error when opening attachments under vista.

Convert outlined text to mind map in MindVisualizer

Simon Fodden introduced an online text2mindmap service which can? convert outlined text into a mind map, as Simon Fodden said it’s a quick way to get a mind map and I agree,? in fact MindVisualizer has the same feature and it can considerably save you time.

For example you have the indented text as following (note the underscores means spaces):


By invoking the ‘Quick Insert Multiple Topics’ command under the ‘Insert’? main menu, you can quickly convert it to a mind map like:

convert text to mindmap, months of the year