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MindVisualizer is more portable-friendly now

I didn’t update my mind mapping software blog for a while, here are some noticeable changes in the latest MindVisualizer mind mapping software.

Auto detects drive letter changes

There is a headache thing when using the portable ?version of MindVisualizer on a USB memory stick – the drive letter changes when you plug your USB drive into other computers, and as a result, hyperlinks that link to files in the portable USB stick will become broken.

Now here is the solution for this headache: MindVisualizer automatically detects the drive letter changes, that means if your portable memory stick is F:\ on your computer and you have your mind maps stored in folder F:\mind\maps\for\work\ and you are cross linking them, your hyperlinks will not be broken when you plug your portable stick memory stick to your office computer and use MindVisualizer Portable, even the drive letter has changed to G:, H: or whatever it is.

Easy mind mapping with keyboard shortcuts

Now ind a mind map, you can move a child node up/down with keyboard shortcuts: <Alt> + <Up/Down> arrow keys.

Now you can move the selected floating topics in your mind maps around with <Alt> + arrow keys.

MindVisualizer mind mapping software V3.8.8: enhanced document export

Now with the?new version of our mind mapping software MindVisualizer, the image of the mind map will be included in the first page of the exported document. Formats affected:

  • Adobe PDF (Portable document format)
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • OpenOffice document
  • OpenOffice spreadsheet
  • Html web page

The following mindmap export formats are not affected as you can already include the mindmap picture with these formats:

  • Microsoft Word??/li>
  • Rtf file
  • PowerPoint PPT document

This release also addressed some small bugs.

You can download mind map software MindVisualizer here.

MindVisualizer V3.86: Enhanced live filter and better mindmap and document output.

Hi folks,

A new version of MindVisualizer – the easiest yet feature-rich mind mapping software, has been just released, the following outlines the major enhancements and you can download it here.

1.Enhanced visual style.

The mind maps in MindVisualizer are now look better with gradient and shadow support. ?Example below:
Gradient and shadow

2. Document export enhancements:

  • PDF, HTML, Excel OpenOffice export include?text notes.
  • Document export includes floating topics.

3. Enhanced instant filter.

You can instantly filter topics that have task info attached to them by Status, Priority, ?Start date, Due date and Context. Screenshot on the right below.
Live filter with task info support

4. Enhanced support for concept mapping:

  • Now besides curved topic relation, you can now also add?straight topic relations into a mind map.
    straight and curved relation styles

5.Other enhancements:

  • Avoid the lines from main topic to the central topic being crossing over each other when there are a large amount of main topics.
  • MindVisualizer can properly handle opening of topic attachments that are associated with a DLL other than an executable program.

4. Bug fixes:

  • The picture is out of the page when printing a mind map.
  • Occasional “Access Violation” error when saving the maps.
  • “Range check” error after deleting all items of the “task contexts list” in the Task info sidebar.
  • Occational error when running under Windows 2000.

Enjoy the new version!