How to use mind mapping in your MicroISV software business

You know what? I use MindVisualizer to design MindVisualizer nowadays 🙂

I recently talked with Bob Walsh about using mind mapping in one’s MicroIsv business and here is the brief? descriptions of my usages:

  1. Running?? SWOT analysises :
    1. List all competitor products I can find on the Internet;
    2. List all advantages and disadvantages for each of them;
    3. Use colors, icons and fonts to identify important parts I need to pay more attentions.

    By seeing the big picture, it’s a really a better experience than doing SWOT with tables or other non-visual approaches.

  2. Making up my pricing strategy:
    1. List all my competitor products;
    2. List all available editions for each of them;
    3. List the unit prices and discount strategies for each.
    4. Compare and get your pricing strategy out.
  3. Planning new features:
    1. Brainstorm all ideas;
    2. Identify features by its importance, with icons, colors, whatsoever;
    3. Identify whether a feature should be in the standard edition or professional edition;
    4. Like work breakdown in Project Management, I can breakdown features into functions;
    5. I can even turn the listed features/functions into tasks by assigning a scheduled date, expected duration, etc.

As you can see there are a lof of things for MindVisualizer to do with task scheduling part, in fact that is what we are working on – a project called ProjectVisualizer 😉

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