Mind mapping example

Well, since we are working on the professional version of MindVisualizer, it’s been a while since the last major upgrade of MindVisualizer Standard. But I’d like to let you know that MindVisualizer is actually being improved constantly, so I am posting a mind map example that shows the new gradient style that’s added recently. In this mindmap example, the diagonal gradient style that’s is one of the three supported, the other two are vertical and horizontal gradient. No mind map samples will be posted for the later two, because you’ll be soon able to apply that look and feel to your own mind maps after the next new version of MindVisualizer Standard is released.

BTW, if you are an existing MindVisualizer Standard user, you’ll notice the improved graphic quality, that’s true because we’ve also changed some underlying code for the drawing part.

the 'SQ4R reading method' mind map example
the 'SQ4R reading method' mind map example

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