New Gmail Feature: Contact picker (Google Apps) only

Google has just now introduced a long-awaited feature for Google Apps (formerly known as gmail for your domain) – contact picker, and it’s really what I expected!

Now the “To: “, “CC:” and “BCC:” next to the recipient list box is clickable, as following:

clickable label

And you click on it the “contact picker” window will pop up:

gmail contact picker popup window

In the “contact picker” window:

  1. On the top is the search (filter) box, as you are typing the search string the contacts will be filtered instantly, so that you can locate a specified contact easier. Nice! This is a filter-as-you-type feature, like what we implemented in our mmind mapping software MindVisualizer ? . Note: You can only search for contact names but cannot search for the domain part of the contact’s email addresss.
  2. Under the filter box is the contact group, and there are 3 built-in groups: “my contacts”, “most contacted” and “suggest contacts”. And you can even define your own groups, see below.
  3. The contact list is below the contact group, which you can click to select.
  4. The selected contacts are displayed in the bottom area, and once you click Done the selected contacts will be added to TO, CC or BCC box in the email composing window, depends which which link you clicked to call up this “contact picker” window.

To conclude, it’s a great feature which many google apps? users (and gmail users? Sure!) have been hoping for a long time, tough I think the “filter as you type” search box should support filtering against the whole email addresses. And I believe this great function will be supported in gmail very soon!

2 thoughts on “New Gmail Feature: Contact picker (Google Apps) only

  1. It would be nice to be able to pick from the domain contact list as well. In addition, it is essential to be able to see contacts from the domain list as an option under “Contacts”!


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