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concrete5 – A very promising open source CMS I found!

There are a lot of open source and commercial CMS available, but concrete5 is a the most easy and intuitive one I found recently, it’s as easy and intuitive as google creator, but it’s far more powerful, the unique feature it provides is that you can edit your whole site in the WYSIWYG mode.

Note, I am saying you can?edit the whole site visually! Oppositely,??in WordPress you can edit the posts/pages with its WYSIWYG editor, but all the other elements such as header/sidebars/footer you have to setup/edit/configure them in other none-visual ways.

The down side is that is pretty new and there is not too much themes available, but I think it’s very promising!

?Check their administration control demo and you’ll be amazed how easy and intuitive it it!the link?concrete5