Extremely User Friendly

MindVisualizer is very easy in all aspects

  • Easy to learn and use
  • None-restricted automatic layout
  • Full drag-N-drop support
  • Full keyboard shortcut support

Visual Information Organizer

MindVisualizer turn mind mapping into a perfect tool for organizing information, you can:

  • Attach Text notesrich format text notes
  • Add Linkshyperlinks and file attachmentsattachments
  • Manage Task properties tasks.
  • Filter and locate topics as you type

Why MindVisualizer?

MindVisualizer can be used in many areas since it works in the way our brain works, e.g.

testimonialsVoice of User

Alicia Hoegh, who has switched to Mac which is not natively supported by MindVisualizer. She ended up buying a virtual machine software just for running MindVisualizer on her Mac Book Pro.

"It is very user friendly.  I love the way the branches and sub-branches are created without giving any thought.  I like the way the branches stack and how easy it is to create different styled nodes.  I have made simple and complex mind maps with ease." - Alicia N. Hoegh

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Share Your Mind Maps

With MindVisualizer you can easily export your mind maps to a wide variety of documents with just one click:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint PPT PowerPoint presentation
  • Microsoft Word Doc Microsoft Word™ document
  • Microsoft Excel XLS Excel spreadsheet
  • Portable Document Format Adobe PDF document
  • Rich Text Format RTF file
  • HTML pages HTML webpages
  • Plain Text Plain text files
  • JPEG file JPG, PNG file PNG, GIF image GIF & BMP BMP images
  • Open Office ODT files OpenOffice docs & Open Office spreadsheets spreadsheets